Corporate Info

National Pharmacies is a well known and highly respected South Australian based organisation, which has been caring for the community since 1911.

National Pharmacies is the trading name of the Friendly Society Medical Association Limited. We are a mutual organisation where profits made through our operations are returned to our members in the form of benefits and discounts.

For more than a hundred years National Pharmacies membership benefits, unique brand of personalised attention and extensive selection of products and services were available exclusively in South Australia. In 1998 that changed with the opening of our first pharmacy in Victoria at Glen Waverley and in early 1999 the opening of our first pharmacy in New South Wales at Kellyville.

Today our operations include pharmacies in metropolitan and regional South Australia, Victoria and New South Wales, Optical Outlets in South Australia and Victoria, and a Distribution Centre through which in excess of 70% of our stock is purchased and distributed. We pride ourselves on providing high quality customer service, to both members and the public, and offer a wide range of products and services.