At National Pharmacies we recognise that the Quality Care Pharmacy program has been designed to achieve quality assurance standards specific to pharmacy and to raise the standard of customer service and care in individual pharmacies across Australia.

We recognise that the future of Community Pharmacy lies in providing high quality advice and service, not simply the dispensing of medication. Consumers have a right to expect that the standard of advice and service offered will not vary greatly between pharmacies, and will never fall below an acceptable level.

At National Pharmacies we set very high personal standards of customer service and are always striving to exceed expectations.

National Pharmacies has gained accreditation under the Quality Care Pharmacy Program, or QCPP. This means the independent peak industry body has assessed National Pharmacies and awarded us their world-class quality assurance. This quality assurance standard is specific to pharmacies. The purpose of the QCPP is simple: to encourage an ongoing commitment to develop first-rate community-care pharmacy services. We're proud to be the first pharmacy chain in Australia to receive QCCP accreditation. We don't believe our customers deserve anything less.