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Welcome to National Pharmacies Online Advice section, providing access to professional and quality services for your daily health & wellbeing, supplied by Australian health professionals for Australian residents.

The benefits available to members include Email a Pharmacist, Travel aids, Pharmacy Self Care Cards, Family Health, with either brochures, articles and/or links to quality health and supplier sites.



Are you confused about the medications you take, or concerned about any of their potential side effects? Or, perhaps you would like a better understanding of how they interact with other medicines or supplements?
Then simply ask in store about our MedsCheck service, which is a free service for eligible customers. As part of the service, you will receive a 30-minute review consultation with one of our pharmacists, as well as a comprehensive summary for you and your doctor.

Diabetes MedsCheck

In addition to MedsCheck, there is also the option of an extended counselling service for customers with Type 2 diabetes. This service allows you to spend 30-45 minutes with a pharmacist who will help you with the complex medication and lifestyle issues associated with this common condition. This service is free for eligible customers.

Medication Organiser

When taking multiple medications, it can be difficult or confusing to manage taking the right dose at the right time. Our pharmacists can help by organising a Dose Administration Aid (DAA), which provides safe, convenient and portable packaging for each dosage throughout the day. There is a small weekly charge (members save 20%) for this service, but it is free to eligible veterans.


Have your cholesterol, glucose, BMI, blood pressure and cardiovascular health checked in store. A comprehensive action plan is then individually tailored for each customer depending on the risks detected. 

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Available in all stores, these automated kiosks offer a wide range of information on health and wellbeing for you to easily access. You can search for information on a wide range of topics while filling out surveys to determine your health risks, which you can then print out to present to your doctor or pharmacist for more advice.


The National Diabetes Services Scheme provides information services and a range of free or subsidised government approved products in authorised stores. These include blood and urine testing strips, syringes and needles at subsidised prices for people with diabetes who register for its benefits.

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