Pharmacist Services

National Pharmacies is staffed by highly trained and qualified professionals who are available 7 days a week to meet your health care needs and enquiries. To date, these services have been available from our network of pharmacies and chemists in Australia. As a first option we encourage our customers to visit our pharmacies for face-to-face consultation. However, we are now pleased to offer a range of services "Over the Net".

National Pharmacies believes that our customers are entitled to the same high quality pharmaceutical care irrespective of whether the service is provided "online" or face-to-face in our pharmacies.

As with all professional pharmacy services, online pharmacy services must comply with current State and Federal legislative requirements.

Role of Pharmacists, or Chemists, in Australia are highly trained professionals able to assist you with your enquiries on medicines and other health care issues. To assist our pharmacist in providing you with the best comprehensive information/advice service you will be asked to provide some details of your drug therapy and condition. Our pharmacist will then be in a much better position to give you professional advice or refer you to another appropriate health care professional.

Over the counter medicines

  • Pharmacy Medicine (S2)
    A range of medicines is available using our website service. The number of medicines is being expanded and updated continuously for your convenience. These products are listed in red within the pharmacy shop and all are found within the relevant Departments and Categories. Our pharmacist may contact you if they have any concern regarding your order. This includes monitoring of quantities ordered.
  • Pharmacist only Medicine (S3)
    South Australian legislation dictates that products which are labelled "Pharmacist Only Medicine" requires a pharmacist to be involved in the supply. This ensures that you the customer will receive the correct product for your individual requirements. This provision also allows Pharmacists to decline supply of these medicines if deemed necessary.

For the safety and optimum health care of customers using this Website, National Pharmacies may require further information from you to ensure the quality use of medicines.

Customers are encouraged to read all product information provided with each medicine before using. If in any doubt regarding self-treatment please do not hesitate to contact your doctor or pharmacist.