Introducing the i.Terminal National Pharmacies Optical

National Pharmacies Optical is very pleased to announce the arrival of the i.Terminal into our Marion store.


The i.Terminal is a unique integrated dispensary system manufactured by the optical experts at Carl Zeiss. It provides highly precise measurement for fitting of all spectacle lenses. These precise measurements deliver spectacles that are 100% customised to each wearer’s prescription, frame, face and personal preference.

National Pharmacies Optical combines their in-house expertise in ophthalmic optics with the highly precise measurements from the i-Terminal to deliver better vision and quick lens adaptation.

i-Terminal by ZEISS doubles as a consultation device, delivering digital photos of the wearers, making it easy to compare different frames. This is especially handy for those wearers with strong spectacle prescriptions.

Experience better vision today, contact the National Pharmacies Optical Marion store on 8358 3208.
It is also available in at National Pharmacies Optical Adelaide .