2020 by 2020 starts here with free glasses for kids

2020 by 2020 starts here with free glasses for kids

As part of a family membership we are now offering members’ children 12 years and under a FREE pair of glasses. Because we believe, children deserve the brightest outlook on life.

Have you sat with your child (or your grandchild, niece, nephew…) listening to them learning to read? Hearing them pause, halt and stumble as they work their way through the words?

This is something that most people can relate to and we all associate this process as part of learning to read.

But for some children, learning to read is made more difficult through undetected issues with eyesight.

And these can be missed up until this point, or maybe it becomes apparent when they start playing sport or when they start using computers at school.

Having your child’s eyes tested is an easy process that is conducted by an optometrist.

The optometrist will conduct a range of tests that not only check your child’s sight, but also their overall eye health.

If issues are detected, some of these could be simply addressed with home eye exercises, but if your child does require glasses to correct their vision, with a National Pharmacies family membership, you will now receive their glasses for FREE.*

To find out more, head to 2020by2020.com.au

*Free glasses for children 12 and under on a family membership. Terms and Conditions apply.

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