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Skin Care


Skin Deep

Your skin is the largest organ of our body, but often, we see skin care as purely
aesthetic. Skin health plays an important role in your overall health and it’s
important to understand what your skin needs at each stage of life.

Dedicated to providing you with expertise that can help take your skin to the next level, we dive deep into the skin issues and concerns you may experience at any age. Taking care of your skin starts with having the best knowledge and information at your fingertips, ready to tackle any skin concern you experience at whatever stage of life you are in. National Pharmacies caters to all ages, especially when it comes to our wide range of quality skincare products. Whether you need help with a particular skin concern or just need some helpful advice, you can always pop into your local National Pharmacies where our friendly and knowledgeable team will provide you with options that cater to your needs.


Skin care starts at infancy. As soon as
our precious bundle of joy arrives, their
skin is immediately experiencing the
world unprotected for the first time. Our
children’s precious and evolving skin
needs to be looked after, but their skin
is different to ours. Babies and children
often have fresh and yet sensitive skin, so
it’s important to protect the layers of the
epidermis, which in itself is protecting
your child’s under layers of skin. Skin care
for children is simple: A gentle cleanser,
hydrating moisturiser and a gentle SPF.
Avoiding added fragrances, colours and
chemicals, and steering toward natural
products tailored for children,
will provide your child’s sensitive skin
with everything it needs. Try MooGoo’s
wide range of fuss-free products for
babies and children.


Teenage years are unique for everyone, but the one thing teenagers have in common since the dawn of time, thanks to puberty and hormonal changes, are those dreaded breakouts! Growing from tween to teen is the ideal time to start implementing a skincare routine. With new skin issues, like breakouts, hormonal acne, and the introduction of makeup, helping your teenager establish a morning and evening skincare routine will provide them with a good foundation for future skin health. Start simple with a cleanser, moisturiser and SPF.

If breakouts, acne or
blemishes are already
wreaking havoc, there are
many gentle and effective
products to give your teen’s
skin the upper hand while
offering an extra confidence
boost. We recommend the
Avène Cleanance range of
cleansers and moisturisers.


What we use in our teen years often leads into how we care for our skin in our 20’s, but with changes like environmental factors, lifestyles and hormones, our skin also changes. These years can be essential in how our skin combats the signs of ageing, sun damage and pigmentation. The anti-ageing process actually starts in our 20’s, so it’s important to start protecting your skin against damage, fine lines and wrinkles now. As they say: Prevention is better than cure; wearing SPF50+ every day (even in Winter), can be the difference between “I wish I looked after my skin sooner” and “I feel confident in my skin”. We recommend La Roche-Posay’s range of Anthelios sunscreen, which provides overall SPF50+ protection against sun damage and suits all skin types.


Our 30’s are a turning point for many of us. It’s the time when many of us will establish our career, start a family, and begin to settle into our lives. It’s also a turning point for our skin. As cell turnover becomes slower and signs of ageing, fine lines, and wrinkles appear, our skincare routine needs to adapt to combat these new concerns. Whether you’re experiencing hormonal changes, environmental influences, sun damage or dry and dull skin, the key to skin health during this time is hydration. When our skin is dehydrated it can’t perform at its best. As well as drinking your recommended intake of water each day, we recommend including Jurlique’s Activating Water Essence as part of your skincare routine. It is formulated to hydrate the skin by stimulating the skin’s ability to retain moisture while preparing the skin for better product absorption that keeps you going and glowing.


As a significant decade, your 40’s can play
a vital role in your anti-ageing efforts. Our skin becomes more susceptible to our surroundings during this time; you may not notice it, but your skin is absorbing pollutants in the air around us constantly, and this increases throughout our 40’s and ongoing. Products that offer hydration, collagen stimulation, protection from harsh pollutants and overall rejuvenation, will keep your skin healthy and protected. We recommend Clarins-Extra-Firming Range, providing results of visibly firmer, smoother and more radiant skin for that healthy and youthful overall look and feel, while offering protection from harsh pollutants.


Turning 50 holds different meaning for every
individual. While there may be new changes
you need to cater for, especially for those
experiencing menopause, entering your
50’s is a time to spoil and nourish your skin.
Adding skincare treatments, like a regular
facial, or at home mask, will leave your
skin feeling hydrated and healthy. You may
already have an antioxidant serum as part
of your skincare routine, we recommend
Clarins Double Serum. Made from 21 active
plant extracts, Clarins Double Serum aims to
firm skin and restore radiance and evenness
to your complexion while visibly reducing
the appearance of wrinkles.


While menopause is in the past and life
looks a little different, our 60’s and 70’s
are full of even more opportunity to enjoy
life more than ever before. As we live longer
and healthier lives, we can still look and feel
our best at any age. Maintaining nourished,
hydrated and healthy skin in our 60’s and
beyond is crucial and our more mature skin
needs more of everything: More hydration,
more protection and more love. For everyday
use, we recommend the Janesce Softening
Wonder Cream and Wonder Serum for gentle
and nourishing coverage that’ll have you
waking up ready to take on the day.