Back to school

Back to school

As children head back to school parents have many concerns. “Will my child get the teachers they like?” ,“Will they be in a class with their friends?” and of course “Will they have a healthy year at school?”

Below are some tips to help keep your child healthy this school year.

Head lice

Head-to-head contact and sharing combs and hats is the most common way your child may get head lice. To prevent infestation make sure your child does not share these items and take their pillow with them on a sleepover. Plaiting or braiding long hair is also a good way to prevent head lice. Check your child’s head at least once a week or daily if there is an outbreak at school. It is important to treat for head lice as soon as it is detected. Your National Pharmacies pharmacist can assist in recommending products.


It is difficult to know if your child may have poor vision. If you notice your child squinting, tilting their head, rubbing their eyes often, complaining of headaches, sitting too close to the TV or holding devices too closely, they may have a problem. An eye test can easily be arranged at National Pharmacies Optical.


Most healthy children need 8 to 11 hours of sleep a night but during the summer holidays bedtime routines can slip. So it’s a good idea to restart the bedtime routine a week before school returns. We all know that screen time can a ect sleep, so ensure screens such as phones, computers and tablets are turned o at least 1 hour before bed.


Healthy eating is essential for all children but it is not always easy to pack a healthy lunch. To make it easier for yourself, start by stocking up on healthy foods such as fruits, vegetables, wholegrain bread and lean protein. Then before the school week commences, cut up fruit and vegetables into bite size pieces and prepare things like hard-boiled eggs to make mornings a little easier. Consider getting a small ice pack and an insulated lunch bag to allow more variety.


The beginning of the school year often comes with a run of hot weather, so it is important that children have enough water to drink during their school day. Try filling their drink bottle one quarter full of water and freezing it the night before. Fill with water the next day and the water will be nice and cold throughout the day. Remember, you can also flavour the water using slices of lemon, lime, cucumber or mint.

Sun protection

Remember the SunSmart messages and prepare your child for school. National Pharmacies has a range of sunscreens suitable for children with even the most sensitive of skin.



Robyn Johns,
National Pharmacies, Pharmacist.


The content displayed on this webpage is intended for informational purposes and should be used as a guide only. This information does not replace or substitute professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment. Information contained on this webpage must be discussed with an appropriate healthcare professional before any action is taken based on the content of this webpage.

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