Be a clown!

Be a clown!

(or a fairy, or a penguin, or a spaceman, or a…)

Over the last six months, since we announced the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant, it has become clear how many people would love the opportunity to be involved in this iconic event.

So if the idea of ‘clowning’ through the streets of Adelaide and bringing the wonder and joy of Christmas to 300,000 people is for you, then here’s an outline of how you could bring that dream to life!

• Become a National Pharmacies member;

Sign up on our website and follow us on Instagram and Facebook;

• Block out the 9th of November in your diary;

• Stay tuned for nominations and entries!

We’ll need hundreds of people to bring this event to life and the South Australian community will be a big part of that.

And we can’t wait to share the experience with you.


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