Beach holiday with kids

Beach holiday with kids

As summer approaches, forget about swimsuit anxiety, nothing brings on panic faster than trying to prepare for every possible situation that can arise on a day at the beach with children. Hot sand, too much sun, wind, hungry, thirsty…you get the idea. But having a well stocked beach bag can alleviate all (okay, most) things that stand in the way of a fun day on the coast.

At National Pharmacies, we’re parents, so we understand what’s needed to turn testing moments into happy ones. That’s why we’ve put together the products that we think are all worth some space in that massive beach bag.

Yes, it’s an obvious one. There are now more options available that can make tackling the regular sunscreen application to an impatient, wet, sandy child, far less stressful. Come and see our helpful staff and we’ll make sure you’re armed with what you need.

Talcum Powder
It’s a little-known fact that before getting back into the car, one of the best ways to remove sticky sand off little people is with talcum powder. Don’t knock it until you try it, a small container of inexpensive talc will soon be your beach #lifehack.

Barrier Cream
If your children can’t get enough of the ocean, then the combination of salt water
and bathers, boardshorts or rashies, can make chaffing a painful reality. It sounds strange, but a barrier cream applied in those areas before the day begins can prevent the problem.

Children’s Pain Relief
The combination of lots of running around, maybe not drinking enough water and high glare can bring on headaches. And if some time in the shade and a big dose of water doesn’t do the trick, having some handy pain relief can be a big help. Pain relief for children comes in so many different formulas but our friendly staff can help make sure you have something that will suit your tribe.

Lip Balm / Wearable Zinc
Lips are easily burnt and need protection so a tube of lip balm can prevent sunburn and also windburn. Another great option for kids that are reluctant to put on ‘lipstick’ is bright coloured zinc, which is fun and also a great way for you to know they still have it on!

Electrolyte Replacement
Sachets of electrolyte and hydrolyte supplement are a smart way to keep little people hydrated. They come in a range of flavours and are easy to add to drink bottles on the go. And before you head to the beach, consider putting some of the ready made icypoles in the freezer – perfect for giving the kids an extra hit of hydration when you get home – added bonus, they’ll think its a treat.

So, there you have it! Our list of the obvious and not so obvious inclusions in a beach bag.

We’ll now leave it up to you to collect the bathers, the rashies, the boogie boards, the hats, the thongs, the sunglasses, the snacks, the lunch, the goggles, the bucket, the spade, the sun shelter…

Enjoy summer with a little wisdom from National Pharmacies!


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