CLM Sleep Co.

National Pharmacies has partnered with CLM Sleep to create National Pharmacies Sleep and bring you personalised sleep apnoea Solutions. CLM Sleep Co. has a vision of becoming the national leader in the provision of sleep apnoea services. We devote our resources not only to customer care, but just as much to developing the service and practice standards that govern the CLM sleep apnoea programme.

The team at CLM Sleep Co. consists of:

  • Pharmacists
  • Sleep Unit Managers
  • Sleep Scientists
  • Sleep Technicians
  • CPAP Consultants

CLM Sleep Co. also operates both home-based sleep studies and hospital studies. We work closely with a network of sleep and respiratory physicians in Australia.

CLM Sleep Co. is dedicated to serving the community with the highest standards of service and care. Our sleep apnoea consultants are carefully selected and trained to comply with best practice industry standards in delivering sleep apnoea diagnostic and therapy services.

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