Dose Administration Aids

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Taking medicines can be difficult.

Many people need to take a number of tablets and capsules everyday, but it can be difficult to remember to take these, as prescribed by the doctor.

When not taken as intended, medicines can become ineffective and missed or extra doses can result in mild or severe health problems.

Dose Administration Aids (DAA) can help.

By using DAA you can rest easy knowing you are taking your medication as intended and prescribed by your doctor.

When you visit National Pharmacies, instead of your pharmacist simply handing over your individual medication in their original packaging, they will provide you with a DAA pack.

Inside your pack, your pharmacist will have dispensed each of your medicines needed for each day of the week into an individual sealed blister compartment.

To take your medicine, simply push the blister contents through the foil backing. This also allows you to quickly check that you have taken your medicines.

In addition to being able to see what was taken and when, the pack also contains a list of all contents and any other current medications you may take – all vital information for hospitals, emergency staff, family and carers.

Why use Dose Administration Aids?

Suitable for everyone

DAAs can be tailored to individual needs with options for those with vision impairments, bilingual packs and translated dosage times, packs for children, travellers and people with a disability. Ask your pharmacist for more information today.