Enjoy a squint-free Spring

Enjoy a squint-free Spring

Although the miserable Winter weather is behind us, the bright Spring sun we’ve been looking forward to can affect your vision. Whether you’re driving up the coast for a family holiday, or watching weekend sport, you’ll want clear vision for wherever the season takes you. DuraVision® Platinum lenses coating promises a whole range of extra benefits.

Your prescription lenses may provide you with clear and sharp vision, but there is much more you can do to improve the quality of your eyesight. ZEISS is here to keep you seeing clearly all year round.

ZEISS offers a wide variety of lens coatings that further improve your lens performance and can be tailored to your needs. From glare reduction to scratch resistance, improved cleanability to UV protection.

ZEISS’ latest in leading edge anti-reflection technology, DuraVision® Platinum, is the toughest coating ever made by ZEISS. DuraVision® Platinum, with its distinctive bluish residual reflection, delivers outstanding anti-reflective properties, giving you clearer vision and a better appearance.

More robust

ZEISS lenses with DuraVision® Platinum anti-reflective coating are two times more scratch resistant than the previous generation of anti-reflective (AR) coating from ZEISS.

Anti-reflective properties

The less noticeable and blueish residual reflection of DuraVision® Platinum AR coating increases the light transmitted through the lens, resulting in even better vision. It also enhances your appearance with 20 percent less reflectance than the previous generation of coatings.

Easy to clean

The super slick clean coat on DuraVision® Platinum AR coating makes your lenses easy to clean. This clean coat repels oil and water more effectively.


The patented anti-static layer of DuraVision® Platinum AR coating prevents the build-up of static electricity. Dust and lint aren’t attracted to the lens surface, meaning lenses stay cleaner for longer.

Polarised lenses by ZEISS

If you experience the glare of sunlight on wet or shiny roads while driving, you could be putting safety on the road at risk. But the good news is, you can live squint-free with ZEISS polarised lenses for your sunglasses.

How does it work?

Vertical micromesh structures in the lens block the horizontal oscillating light elements responsible for most of the glare, delivering sharply focused vision.

With polarising lenses, vision in bright sunlight is considerably more relaxing and less fatiguing. Plus, polarising lenses don’t just protect your eyes against the sun – they ensure improved vision without irritating glare.

ZEISS precision sunglass lenses with polarisation filter offer 100 percent UV protection and are available in 3 distinct colours – grey, brown and green.

All lenses are delivered with a scratch resistance hard coating and can be further enhanced with a back-surface anti-reflection coating, which eliminates nuisance reflections behind the lens.

To see how ZEISS’ anti-reflective or polarised lenses can help you see clearer, visit your local National Pharmacies Optical store today: nationalpharmacies.com.au/optical

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