The cold hard facts about the common cold.

The cold hard facts about the common cold.

It’s called the ‘common’ cold and accurately so. For something that is so common across the population, it is amazing how much it can stop us in our tracks when we catch it.

And at National Pharmacies, it is still one of the most ‘common’ conditions we get asked to help with.

A ‘cold’ is actually the simple term for a collection of about 200 different viruses that cause the symptoms that we associate with a cold – runny nose, sneezing, sore throat and cough.

Studies show that an adult will average 2-3 colds a year of varying severity and children may have up to twelve!

So when you feel a cold hasn’t left the house in months, you could actually be around the mark. The other factor is that the viruses are all remarkably contagious which means they are easily passed from one person to the next.

It is true that there is no cure, but the products that can support you to continue to get on with life while you have a cold will definitely minimise symptoms and help you feel better.

As the cold is made up of so many different viruses, each cold can feel different to the last and our staff can help you with advice on products that will ease the worst of the symptoms.

There is an old saying that a cold will last for nine days: three days getting it, three days having it, three days losing it. Keep track next time you feel a cold coming on – it’s surprisingly accurate!

Is it the Flu?

If your cold comes with a fever, chills and muscle aches it could be the flu and you need to visit the doctor. To avoid the flu, a vaccination is a great, simple and quick option.

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