Focus on: Golden Grove Optical


Focus on: Golden Grove Optical

National Pharmacies Golden Grove has recently added Optical
to their pharmacy family, now offering locals a place to have
all of their eye care, health care and lifestyle needs met.

When it comes to attracting all walks of life to their bright, spacious new store, Optical Manager, Sara Acic shares her experience and new atmosphere of National Pharmacies Golden Grove. With that, Optometrist, Gemma Ji also discusses common concerns from patients and what makes being an Optometrist so special.

With Optical relocating to National Pharmacies Golden Grove in the Village Shopping Centre in October 2021, Sara explains, “It’s been great being in a new store and having a bigger team!”

Customers can expect to be wowed by the optical range at Golden Grove, “We have a great range of brands to suit everyone. Maui Jim is popular with our customers, as well as Tiffany & Co – we have many brands that are household names that people love and come back for.”

Seeing all walks of life throughout the day, Optometrist, Gemma Ji shares her experiences.

What made you want to pursue a career in Optometry?
I was very young when I made the decision, as I was legally blind without glasses when I was 12! I wanted to

pair of spectacles and seeing out the window clearly. I knew out of high school I wanted a career in which I helped people.

What do you find most satisfying about being an Optometrist?
It is rewarding to help everyone improve their vision, but I find it particularly rewarding helping children. Sometimes kids who exhibit distracting or unsettled behaviour during school or learning activities are unknowingly suffering from poor vision. It is actually very difficult to tell if you see as well as you’re meant to, especially reading because you don’t know any other way! It’s always a very humbling moment to be able to improve a child’s sight so that they can have greater confidence.

Do you have any tips when it comes to looking after our eyes?
As someone who refused to wear their glasses for 2 years during Primary School, I really suffered from my short-sightedness. My top tip is to listen to your Optometrist; if you don’t understand their recommendations, ask questions until you do. The best way for you to look after your eyes is to understand them.