Healthy Eyes - For a clear view


Healthy Eyes – For a clear view

Our eyes are very sensitive and often challenged. How can we best protect them against harmful influences such as stress and sunlight?

After a long day our eyes may often feel tired and irritated, and at times, even our eyesight may feel limited. This is not surprising, because in an increasingly visual world, the challenges for our eyes are constantly increasing which is more reason why we should consciously take care of our eye health.

There are various factors which influence this, such as the constant exposure to UV light to which we are exposed, even on a cloudy day.

It is important to ensure that even clear lenses block UV radiation of up to 400 nanometers to fully protect our eyes. Please ask your Optometrist about the full UV protection offered in all ZEISS lenses.

Rapid digitalisation has also increased the amount of time we spend on electronic devices. Many of us sit in front of our laptops all working day and at the end of the day we go home to watch TV and in some instances the smartphone even accompanies us to bed. These devices emit blue light, which in turn could cause dry and overtired eyes and even headaches.

ZEISS has now created unique lenses where the blue light blocking properties are incorporated into the lens material itself. ZEISS BluePro lenses block up to 40 percent of the potentially harmful and irritating blue light as well as offering excellent lens clarity. In addition, the lenses reflect less strongly, which makes the visual perception much more pleasant