hearing services

One in six Australians has a hearing impairment, yet many do not realise it. Our hearing is one of the things we often take for granted but is vital for learning, communication and safety. At National Pharmacies Hearing we are offering free* hearing check-ups performed by resident Audiometrist Sara A’Barrow at National Pharmacies West Lakes.

National Pharmacies Members also receive 15% off all hearing devices and products from National Pharmacies Hearing. You may also be eligible for free hearing services (including hearing aids) through the Australian Government Hearing Services Program.

Speak to your pharmacist for more information and advice.

*Applies to adults only 18+. National Pharmacies Hearing is operated by Sonic Innovations Pty Ltd (ACN 007 608 460) (Sonic), in conjunction with the Friendly Society Medical Association Ltd (National Pharmacies). National Pharmacies receives 10% commission from Sonic, from the National Pharmacies Hearing business, including the sale of hearing aid accessories and associated products in National Pharmacies stores. National Pharmacies utilises these payments to support related costs, customer service and marketing initiatives.