Impromy weight loss program

Impromy weight loss program

Developed in collaboration with CSIRO, the unique Impromy program is available through National Pharmacies.

Made up of personalised meal plans, which include nutritionally-enhanced meal replacements, snack options and regular one-to-one health review consultations to help keep you on track, Impromy is your answer to healthy and sustainable weight loss.

Since Impromy was introduced at National Pharmacies three years ago, we have helped over 2,500 people improve their overall health and wellbeing as well as lose weight and keep it o ! As we enjoy those warm balmy nights and glorious sunny weekends full of important social occasions, we know that at times it can be hard to stay on track with a healthy eating plan.

If you are worried about sticking with a weight loss program in social situations or due to your busy lifestyle, Impromy can still work for you. By using enhanced meal replacements and wholefoods, the program allows for greater flexibility for those with busy lifestyles or who struggle to stay on track with healthy eating. Plus, Impromy helps you to plan for social occasions so you can enjoy your weight loss journey even when out with friends or at family gatherings.

For many people taking action against weight gain can seem diffcult, but it doesn’t have to be. Planning and support are your keys to success! A great place to start is at your local National Pharmacies, who are able to help you build a plan and support you throughout your journey. CSIRO data shows that patients with regular visits to their Impromy pharmacy achieve the best weight loss results, as well as improvements in blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol.

As part of your Impromy membership you are entitled to receive regular health checks, personalised consultations and continued support. Also, don’t forget that National Pharmacies members receive a 10 percent off member benefit across the Impromy range. There are a variety of products to choose from but some of our favourites include the chocolate shake, cafe latte shake and the salted caramel and raspberry white chocolate shake, perfect for every sweet tooth.

If you are ready to lose weight and to improve your overall health and wellbeing, visit us in-store today and speak to one of our consultants to receive your personalised plan.

With a personalised consultant, access to a phone dietician and the app, studies show you have an extra 44 percent chance to reaching your goal weight.

Ian Truong, Pharmacist Adelaide and,
Ashleigh Mingorance, Professional Services Coordinator


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