Achieve your weight loss goals, keep it off and improve your overall health and wellbeing with the Impromy™ Weight Loss Program.

Developed in collaboration with CSIRO, the unique Impromy™ program is exclusively available through pharmacies and you will be supported throughout your weight loss journey by trained staff who will help you achieve your weight loss and health related goals.

Made up of personalised meal plans, which include: nutritionally enhanced meal replacements, snack options and regular one-to-one health review consultations to help keep you on track, Impromy™ is your answer to healthy and sustainable weight loss.

With regular reviews from day one through to twelve months, your personal Impromy™ consultant will monitor your weight, blood pressure, cholesterol and glucose levels regularly throughout the program.

If you have a busy lifestyle or are worried about sticking a weight loss program in social situations, Impromy can still work for you. By using enhanced meal replacements and whole foods, the program allows for greater flexibility for those with busy lifestyles or who struggle to stay on track with healthy eating, plus Impromy™ helps you to plan for social occasions so you can enjoy your weight loss journey even when out with friends or at family gatherings.

Don’t weight any longer. Speak to one of our friendly, trained staff about Impromy™ in-store today.

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