Keep their eyes bright and healthy

Keep their eyes bright and healthy

Your eyes and vision develop and grow from birth to adulthood. Over this
period your visual development can be influenced by several different conditions including time spent outdoors (exposed to sunlight and UV), focus points or how far away from an object you are as well as how long you are spending doing specific close up activities.

With the increased use of screens by children, their eyes are being exposed to high levels of blue light and on top of this, digital devices are used at close range and usually for extended periods. This can impact visual development and may also cause digital eye strain which can make learning more difficult.

As optometrists, we accept the role that screens of all kinds play in our lives now, but we encourage parents to be mindful of extended screen use, make sure children are still spending plenty of time outside and we also recommend an eye test for your child before they turn 6, which can help pick up any issues.

All National Pharmacies Optical stores are trained to test children and can answer any questions you may have about your child- or your family’s – eye health.


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