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National Pharmacies has a wide range of in-store services to assist with your medicines, whether prescribed or over the counter. These services include: Medication disposal services, Medication packaging services, Medicine reviews and are available at all National Pharmacies stores. Read on below for more information about these services or speak with your pharmacists in-store to take up these services today.

Medication disposal services

Is your medicine cupboard a health hazard? Many medicine cupboards contain multiple medicines that are unwanted, unused, out of date, unlabeled, or even stored in containers other than their original package. These cupboards can be dangerous – inquisitive children can be accidently poisoned and older consumers can be confused by the multiple medications on hand. Medicines should never just be thrown away in the bin, poured down the sink or flushed down the toilet where they can contaminate our land fill and our water ways, or end up in the wrong hands.


One way to minimise harm to ourselves and the environment is to dispose of those medications safely by taking them to your nearest National Pharmacies store for collection and disposal. National Pharmacies will ensure your unwanted medicines are disposed of in a safe, private and secure manner, at no charge to you.

What you can do:

-Go to your medicine cupboard at home.
-Check expiry dates on all your medicines and separate all expired medicines into a container for return.
-Check that you actually need all the medicines – separate those medicines no longer needed into the container for return.
-Take the container to your local National Pharmacies store for safe disposal.

See for more information.

Medication packing services

When taking multiple medications, even for long periods of time, it can be difficult or confusing to manage taking the right medications with the right dose at the right time. For many customers, it is important that the medicines that they take are taken at the right time and in the right dose. At National Pharmacies, our pharmacists can help by organising a Dose Administration Aid (DAA) which is a tailored individual package of your medication needs. The sealed tamper-evident packs provide a safe, convenient and portable packaging solution for each medicine and dosage throughout the day. There is a small weekly charge (members save 20%) for this service, but it is free to eligible veterans.

There are a two different types of DAAs available at National Pharmacies:

  • Foil backed individual packs 4×7 packs or
  • Sachets – Clear plastic sachets sealed closed (tear to open).

Your pharmacist will be able to assist you or your carer with the most appropriate aid for your situation.

Medicine reviews

Do you take a number of different medications? Are you confused about the medications you take, or concerned about any of their potential side effects? Or, perhaps you would like a better understanding of how they interact with other medicines or supplements that you may be taking?

If you answered yes to any of the questions above, then you might benefit from speaking further with one of our pharmacists about your specific individual medicine requirements. Simply ask in store about our MedsCheck service, which is a free service for eligible customers. As part of the service, you will receive a 30-minute review consultation with one of our pharmacists, as well as a comprehensive summary report for you and your doctor.

In addition to MedsCheck, there is also the option of an extended counseling service for customers with Type 2 diabetes. This service allows you to spend 30-45 minutes with a pharmacist who will help you with the complex medication and lifestyle issues associated with this common condition. This service is free for eligible customers.

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