member prescriptions

At National Pharmacies, members save up to 20% off non-subsidised PBS prescriptions and veterinary prescriptions, plus 10% off compounding prescriptions.

We realise when it comes to taking regular medication every dollar counts. That’s why National Pharmacies members are eligible for a $1 benefit on all subsidised PBS prescriptions at all National Pharmacies stores.

Need a little help with your prescriptions? Sometimes an extra reminder and added peace of mind doesn’t go astray. MedAdvisor is a revolutionary, free app for your smartphone, allowing you to connect with your local National Pharmacies helping you to take your medication, safely, effectively and on-time.  MedAdvisor will help you to remember when your prescription is due, and to order online and collect at a future time that works for you

If you’ve got a health or medication question at the back of your mind, you can get a professional opinion right at your fingertips. Simply complete our ask the pharmacist form and one of our pharmacists will respond to you as soon as possible.

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