Member Spotlight Carl Veart


Member Spotlight

National Pharmacies member and Adelaide United Head Coach, Carl Veart, shares his eye health journey and why it is so important to care for your eyes.

Carl Veart
Head Coach, Adelaide United

Membership Status: National Pharmacies Member for 15 years

Local Optical store: Henley Beach

What is your favourite thing about being a member of National Pharmacies?
My favourite part about being a member is the discounts and benefits, as well as the service you get from National Pharmacies employees. Members like me receive free health checks, have exclusive access to equipment hire, receive member benefit on vaccinations, and we also get regular promotions providing greater value. It’s also good for other things like my pets because members receive discounts on pet products and pet prescriptions.

Can you tell us a bit about your eye health and why you use the services at National Pharmacies Optical?
My eye health is generally quite good, but I do need glasses for reading. I like to use the services at National Pharmacies Optical because it’s local and very easy to go and see. With the optical care, I also receive benefits on glasses and my kids do as well, which is also a plus.

How long have you been wearing prescription glasses and what made you realize you needed them?
I have been wearing my prescription glasses for three or four years and noticed that I needed them because I had to keep increasing the text size on my phone to be able to see anything on the screen.

Day to day what do you do to care for your eye health?
I need to use glasses for reading, using my laptop and, at times, my mobile. Making sure I use my glasses for those types of things is definitely important.

How important is eye health to you in your career?
Eye health is very important for everyone. For me, it doesn’t matter if it’s work related or even personal life because without my glasses I can’t really read anything effectively. It’s also important because wearing glasses reduces my risk of getting any eye conditions, which would affect my career.

Do you carry your glasses with you all the time?
I do try to carry my glasses with me all the time because when I forget I cannot see what I am reading so it’s vital that I have them with me for example, when I go to a restaurant and forget my glasses, I find it hard to read the menu and it’s quite frustrating.