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Men's Skincare


Men’s Skincare

ClarinsMen skincare range is for all men who want to take care of their skin, with different products designed for particular skin types and concerns.

As men’s skin can be quite different to womens, it’s all about putting together a skincare routine designed for them. In 2002 Clarins, the experts in skincare for women, launched its first line dedicated to men. The result of years of studying the specificities of men’s skin, the ClarinsMen range is packed full of plant extracts to revitalise, tone and purify men’s skin. Featuring an innovative energizing complex that combines Bison Grass and Gymnema to energize and soothe the skin, the range of products includes men’s shaving care, moisturising creams, anti-ageing as well as serums and toning treatments to help men take care of their skin.
For men looking to reduce the signs of ageing, the ClarinsMen range is ideal, offering formulations that bring together the very best plant-based active ingredients extracted using the very latest technological techniques to protect skin and boost cellular energy thanks to a unique anti-wrinkle cream for men. Without further ado, here is our quick-step anti-ageing routine for men aiming for younger-looking skin.

1. Cleansing
To prevent wrinkles and skin ageing, start by cleansing with the ACTIVE FACE WASH to wash away impurities and pollution residue, both of which cause dullness. This zingy foam revitalises and stimulates skin while soothing razor burn, toning and forming a barrier to protect skin from external damage. Skin is left cleansed and healthy.

2. Eye Contour Care
The next step is to focus on the thin, delicate skin in the eye contour area with special care given to your skin type and goals. The ENERGIZING EYE GEL is a non-greasy formula that smooths and firms, reducing wrinkles, dark circles and puffiness.

3. Moisturising
Finally, tailor your men’s skincare routine to match your skin type and specific issues, choosing the texture that speaks to you most! If you prefer something light, reach for the SUPER MOISTURE GEL. This energy-boosting product helps skin fight the rest signs of ageing caused by low- energy levels, including: signs of tiredness, a dull complexion and those first fine lines. The result? Skin is left moisturised and glowing with health.
If you like something with a matte finish, try the MEN’S ENERGIZING GEL. This cream helps to reduce the appearance wrinkles and deep lines and helps firm the skin around the jaw line.

Ready to start looking after your skin?