mobile app

Welcome to the National Pharmacies Mobile App!

The National Pharmacies mobile app has been a great addition to the membership program. It features a digital, dynamic membership card, allows you to scan in-store to receive additional member benefits, store details at your fingertips, early access to promotions & offers, and much more.

What you can do in the App:

  • View your member details, benefit amounts between annual savings and total membership tenure savings.
  • Know when your membership is nearing expiry.
  • Use the app to link to the online store and search for products.
  • Check out your nearest store (turn your location services on) with distance and time taken if you were to walk, bike or drive.
  • Read the latest articles in Vital Health.
  • Receive promotional offers and voucher.

Download the National Pharmacies Mobile App now at either the App store or the Play store to start reaping the added benefits immediately.

Looking for more information about our app? Watch our instructional videos here.