Polarised Sunglasses: Comfortable Vision Without Distracting Glare


Polarised Sunglasses: Comfortable Vision Without Distracting Glare

Whether you’re a sports enthusiast, watersports junkie, or you simply enjoy spending a lot of time outdoors – polarised sunglasses can significantly reduce reflections and glare, to help you see better.

Glare reflected off transparent or wet surfaces is not only annoying and distracting – it can also affect your vision. Polarised lenses may support and improve your sight in the following instances:

• General light-sensitivity. Those who are sensitive to bright light will benefit from these lenses, as well as the UV protection it offers. ZEISS lenses offer 100% UV protection.
• If you love to fish, row, boat, or do other water sports, polarised sunglasses will allow you to see better below the water’s surface. This may come in handy when you want to reel in that fish, or if there’s an obstacle below the water that can be potentially dangerous for your boat.
• Driving. When we’re on the road, we’re often distracted by glare, caused by sunlight reflected off wet roads, windshields and car hoods.
• Post-surgery. You may find that your eyes are more light sensitive for a few months after eye surgery such as cataract removal. Wearing polarised glasses can make you feel more comfortable and can help you see contrast better.

With modern technology, it’s possible to apply polarisation filters to almost any type of lens. This includes prescription sunglasses for conditions such as myopia, presbyopia, or astigmatism.

Polarisation also works very effectively within dynamic sun lenses such as ZEISS AdaptiveSun. These kind of special sun lenses work with photochromic technology and can adapt their intensity to changing light conditions. These lenses change their colour intensity depending on the level of UV exposure. Your lenses should offer full UV protection, and you need to know UV protection doesn’t come standard with all lenses. To protect your eyes from UV rays that are harmful to the eyes and surrounding skin, your lenses need to at least block rays up to 400 nm. Remember to ask your Optometrist about clear lenses that offer full UV protection, so you’re always protected, even on cloudy days. All clear lenses from ZEISS come with full UV Protection.