Line Smoothing Complex Age Less Trinity

Dr Lewinns

Line Smoothing Complex Age Less Trinity

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An eye recovery cream that reduces lines, an anti-ageing moisturiser that hydrates the skin, and double intensity night moisturiser that reduces the appearance of lines

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Eye Recovery Complex
15g 0.53 wt.oz. e
A light and highly effective formulation with Coenzyme Q10 and Snap-8 to actively reduce the appearance of expression lines.

Hydrating Day Cream
30g 1.0 wt.oz. e
A light, anti-ageing treatment moisturiser that has the slow release power of the Hydro-Boost Micropatch and the rich nourishment of Caviar to help minimise the visual signs of ageing and provide continuous hydration throughout the day.

Double Intensity Night Cream
30g 1.0 wt.oz. e
A rich anti-ageing night moisturiser containing a synergistic blend of 13 active ingredients and the super Snap-8 peptitide to reduce the appearance of expression lines and wrinkles.


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