Euky Bear Cough Syrup 200ml

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Natural relief for an irritating cough and sore throat
Suitable for ages 2+
Yummy taste with eucalyptus, honey and lemon

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Product Description

Euky Bear Natural Cough Syrup provides natural and effective relief for an irritating cough and sore throat.
Children will love the sweet flavour combining the soothing powers of eucalyptus, honey and lemon.

Additional Information

Warning Precautions

Caution: Always read the label. Use only as
directed. If symptoms persist, including coughing,
see your healthcare professional.
Not suitable for children under 2 years without
medical advice.

Storage Disposal

Store below 30C.

Instructions For Use

Shake well before use. Pour into medicine cup
or spoon. Can be taken every two hours or
as required.
Children (2-6 years) 2.5mL tsp
Children (6-12 years) 5mL 1 tsp
Adults (12+ years) 5-10mL 1-2 tsp


Soothing, acts as a counter irritant to help soothe
minor throat irritation. Also acts as a decongestant.
Cineole (Eucalyptol)
Gives a tingling, warming effect on the mouth.
The eucalyptus vapours pass through the nasal
passages helping clear a stuffy nose and making
it easier to breathe freely.
Irish Moss (Carrageenan)
Acts as a demulcent to coat the throat and help
relieve the irritation causing a cough.
Traditionally used for relief of sore throats.
Contains natural sugars (honey). No added sugar,
no artificial colours, flavours or preservatives, no
alcohol. Contains potassium sorbate as a
preservative (nature identical).


S2 – Pharmacy Only Medicines – including antacids and stimulant laxatives Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist see your doctor or healthcare professional.

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