Scholl Orthaheel Sports Orthotic Large M10-12, W11-13 1 Pair



Scholl Orthaheel Sports Orthotic Large M10-12, W11-13 1 Pair

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Heel Pain. Knee Pain. Aching Legs. May also help with lower back pain. Designed for Actived sporting application. Aligns lower limbs to help avoid common sporting injuries. Aids in recovery*. Helps to prevent injuries.

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Scholl Orthaheel Sports Orthotic

The tri-planar motion control system of Scholl Orthaheel has been designed in collaboration with leading Podiatrist Phillip Vasyli to minimise the stress in the foot region, and correct the posture and alignment, to provide relief from most of the painful Conditions.

Did you know?

More than 70% of people in the world have got a tendency for their feet to roll-over Insidend gradually flatten?

As the foot flattens on the ground, the supporting tissues that run along the bottom of the foot (the plantar fascia) are stretched. If these forces are excessive they can lead to stress and inflammation of the tissue, causing pain under the heel when weight is placed on the foot.

Pain in the back of the heel can be used by inflammation of the tissue that connects the calf muscle to the heel bone (Achilles tendon). The pain can result from the position and movement of the foot causing the tendon to be stretched. It can also be caused by injury.

As the foot flattens out on the ground, the leg turns slightly to follow the movement of the foot. If the movement of the foot causes the leg to turn further than the knee can comfortably accommodate, the resulting forces on the knee may lead to stress and pain.

Pain in the lower back can be common and can have many causes, including the way a person walks. As the foot flattens out in the ground the leg turns inwards and this can affect the alignment of the hips,


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