Revlon Volumazing™ Mascara


Revlon Volumazing™ Mascara

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100% Volumized*, 100% Volumazing™*. Our award-winning, volume-building mascara delivers full, beautifully fanned-out lashes, in formulas that won’t smudge or flake.

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  • Our Volumazing Mascara is the 2019 winner of Allure’s Best of Beauty Award for Best Beauty Steal. “We took one look at this oversize brush and knew where things were headed,” says Allure, “…thick, fluffy, fanned-out lashes.”
  • Love big, plump, full lashes? Meet your new favorite mascara! Rich, inky color and incredible amplification of every last lash, with two formulas that won’t smudge or flake
  • In our study: 92% saw quick buildable volume; 92% saw lashes that appear longer; 96% saw rich, intense color**
  • How does it work? The unique Turn It Up brush is designed with wavy bristles to tightly hug your lash curve as it deposits mascara
  • There’s also a waterproof option that stands up to humidity and perspiration—for Volumazing lashes that last for up to 24 hours
  • Volumazing™ Mascara is available in 3 colors; Volumazing™ Waterproof Mascara is offered in 1

*100% had increased volume in clinical study, 2 coats, 25 strokes each. **Consumer study, 50 participants.


Curl your lashes with one of our expertly engineered eyelash curlers to help open up your eyes

Place the brush at the roots of your lashes and wiggle it, so you really darken and define things with the mascara formula, then draw it out to and pull through the tips

For more volume, add a second (or even third) coat

To define your bottom lashes, wipe excess mascara off the wand with a paper towel, then hold the brush tip vertically and swipe from side to side


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