Return, Recycle, Rejoice with Clarins.


Return, Recycle, Rejoice with Clarins.

Clarins reinforces its commitment to Responsible Beauty by extending its Return, Recycle, Rejoice recycling initiative to a partnership with National Pharmacies.

The French beauty experts since 1954, Clarins was founded on two principals: listening to women’s needs and a love of nature. Women, because they are the reason all Clarins products and expertise was created for. Nature, because it is our source of inspiration, innovation and offers plant-based active ingredients essential to each formula we develop. These principals are still our driving force, passed down from one generation to the next; making Clarins a responsible and engaged entity, steered by a long-term vision.

Clarins commitment to corporate social responsibility began as early as 1966 when the Clarins Institute – the first of many Clarins “spas” around the world – started selling 100% pure plant extract oils to clients. They were the first products to be formulated using only plant extracts and packaged in glass bottles. In 1993 Clarins joined AlpAction (now called ‘Asters’) to facilitate the preservation of the French Alps region. Clarins launched the first of many fair-trade programs in 2007, and in 2020 unveiled a formal program for its CSR initiatives, Clarins We Care. Its manifesto: making life more beautiful, passing on more beautiful planet. This involves an extensive programme of initiatives that can be grouped as two halves of the whole: caring for people and caring for the planet.

Eliminate unnecessary packaging.
New products have their product information printed on the interior of the outer carton packaging – eliminating the need for a separate paper insert inside.

• Innovate towards reusable and recyclable packaging designs.
Already some products in our range are made from 30% recycled glass and are fully recyclable including our Aromaphytocare face and body oils, as well as our treatment fragrances.

• Ensure that the materials we produce remain in circulation and do not become a source of pollution.
In addition, Clarins is proud to be carbon neutral since 2020, with a goal to reduce emissions by 30% by the year 2025; furthering our commitment to neutralize our carbon footprint for future.

However, this work on packaging design isn’t enough on its own to guarantee their circularity. To achieve this and to ensure the adequate recycling or re-use of packaging, in selected locations, Clarins is initiating a program called Return, Recycle, Rejoice.

Today, almost all of Clarins skincare products are recyclable and 100% of the catalogue will be so by 2025 with 50% incorporating recycled material (which reduces the production of plastic). We recognise that some cosmetics products packaging can be difficult to separate for recycling through customers’ own council recycling programs. As a solution, at selected Clarins counters around the country, we have facilitated the collection of used cosmetics packaging – of any brand – which will be responsibly separated into separate materials and recycled. We are so proud to be partnering with National Pharmacies to extend this partnership into their network of locations.

Customers can participate in this recycling initiative through National Pharmacies locations across Australia.