KickStart for Kids

National Pharmacies is a foundation sponsor of KickStart for Kids. We are proud to help South Australian school children start school with a full stomach each day.

KickStart for Kids was founded on the belief that every child, regardless of their social or economic background, should have an equal chance to succeed. They facilitate this belief by running school breakfast and lunch programs, mentoring programs and providing basic clothing and healthcare support in South Australian schools.

KickStart for Kids and National Pharmacies

School Breakfast Programs

KickStart for Kids currently serves around 50,000 breakfasts per week in 350 South Australian schools. As children who come to school without having breakfast, generally also don’t have lunch to eat, KickStart for Kids also make 10,000 cheese and Vegemite sandwiches each week.

Period Poverty

National Pharmacies is working with KickStart for Kids to end period poverty. Period Poverty refers to the issues of women and girls lacking access to sanitary products, menstual hygiene education, washing facilities and waste management. To help us end Period Poverty, you can donate sanitary products at any South Australian National Pharmacies store.


Over 100 KickStart for Kids mentors are currently volunteering in schools around Adelaide. Our mentors spend an hour a week with a child who is at risk of disengaging from the educational system, or who needs a significant adult in their lives. Mentors work with kids during the school term to nature and develop their self-esteem, getting to know them and encouraging them to work towards a better life for themselves.