Sustainability Zeal Optics


Plant-Based Sunglasses

While other lenses are made from petroleum-based materials, Zeal Optics Ellume Polarised lenses and Z-Resin frames use a unique plant-based polymer as the bonding agent. This material, made from the castor plant, delivers incredibly light, durable frames and high-purity lenses for cleaner, crisper vision, with a smaller environmental footprint.

All of Zeal Optics sunglass packaging as well as all printed material, are made from FSC-certified recyclable paper and soy-based ink to further reduce their environmental impact.

Zeal Optics new See Grass frames combine 70% recycled plastics and 30% grass fibers in a closed-loop system to create their most sustainable sunglasses yet. This fibrous base is combined with recycled plastics to reuse waste material and keep it out of landfills. See Grass allows Zeal Optics to create beautiful, durable sunglass

frames, each of which is unique, while finding alternative uses for what was previously considered trash byproducts. Recycled Plastic + Grass Fiber + Bio Gas = Sunglasses reimagined.

Zeal Optics Ellume Polarised Lenses.
More Colour. Less Pollution.

Zeal Optics’ unique plant-based lens is built with colour filtration to accentuate detail and eliminate colour confusion. Featuring industry leading polarised protection and clarity, Ellume Polarised eliminates 99.9% of glare and blocks 100% of harmful UV rays.

  • Blocks 100% UVA/B/C rays
  • Impact resistant
  • Hardcoat
  • Hydrophobic/Oleophobic
  • Backside AR on select styles
  • 99.9% Polarised
  • Blocks 95% HEV light
  • Colour Filtration

Reflected light and UV exposure can cause glare, eye fatigue, and sensitivity, all which disrupt your experience outdoors. Ellume Polarised eliminates 99.9% of glare and blocks 100% of harmful UVA/B/C rays, protecting against the risk of long-term damage to your eyes from the sun’s harsh rays.

See the world more clearly with Ellume Polarised. While other lenses are constructed of petroleum-based materials, Ellume Polarised uses a unique plant-based polymer as the bonding agent to deliver a high-purity lens for crisper, cleaner vision.

Ellume Polarised is built to control specific wavelengths of visible light by reducing harmful high-energy blue light (HEV). This process eliminates colour confusion so you can see the colours of the spectrum more vividly and with greater depth perception.