The Mum Experiment

Children should be able to recognise their own mother from a distance, right? Unfortunately, 1 in 5 kids live with some type of eye condition. We decided to run a real experiment using real mums and their kids to put this to the test. What we discovered on the day could be life changing for some.

View the mum experiment above and find out more about how National Pharmacies Optical is helping South Australian kids see better.

Free glasses for kids.

We’ve helped over 2,000 South Australian kids already, but we’re just getting started.

The 20/20 Project

1 in 5 children living in Australia have an undiagnosed eye problem.

Vision impairment can affect a child’s reading ability, confidence at school, coordination and social interactions.

Spot the signs of an eye condition in your child.

What happens in a child’s eye exam?

When you come in with your child, the optometrist will talk to you about any concerns you may have about your child’s vision and take them through a range of vision activities. Your child will look at pictures, words and objects. Once that’s checked, the optometrist will use specialised equipment to look more closely at their eyes.

Once the examination is complete, if your child needs glasses they can choose from our range of 20+ frames. Our friendly staff can help your child choose a pair they love, but also one that fits the shape of their face. Your child’s glasses will be custom made with quality ZEISS clear lenses with UVProtect technology, giving sunglass-level UV protection for the eye and surrounding skin. They’ll be ready for collection in approximately one week!

Upon collection of your child’s glasses, our staff will make any adjustments required to ensure the glasses sit comfortably and most importantly, correctly on your child’s face. You’ll be provided with a hard case to keep their glasses safe and also some tips on how to look after them. But of course, if at any time you have any questions or require further services/adjustments, you’re always welcome to talk to our staff in-store.

We’re offering free glasses for members’ kids 12 years and under.


When do the free glasses end?

Our commitment to children having the best sight has no end date, it is an ongoing part of a family membership with National Pharmacies.

How many free pairs does my child receive?

As a family member of National Pharmacies, each child 12 and under covered by the membership is entitled to one pair of glasses per year. This includes the frame and a ZEISS UVProtect lens. ‘Each year’ is determined by the date the first pair of glasses is supplied.

How do I make an appointment?

You can make an appointment online for a store location convenient to you. Alternatively, you are welcome to contact your closest store directly.

What about Medicare and Health Insurance?

You will need to have a Medicare card number for your child’s eye exam, but you do not need to have health insurance to qualify for the free glasses.

What lenses are in the glasses?

National Pharmacies Optical use UVProtect lenses from ZEISS. These lenses offer your child the highest level of protection possible from UV light. They are like wearing sunglasses, but with a clear lens.

Why we choose ZEISS for your children?

Children’s eyes don’t filter UV radiation the same way as adult eyes do making them more vulnerable to UV light. Currently, up to 80% of clear lenses do not offer full UV protection but, ZEISS lenses do! All ZEISS clear plastic lenses come standard with ZEISS UVProtect Technology, giving sunglass-level UV protection to the eyes and surrounding skin.

How do I qualify?

You need to have a current financial family membership with National Pharmacies and the children need to be listed on the membership. All children listed on the family membership that are 12 and under are eligible.

How do I sign up for a family membership?

Please click here to sign up online, alternatively you can join in-store or by phone 1300 667 676. If you currently have a single membership this can be upgraded in-store at any time.

What if my child doesn’t need glasses?

That is great news however, we would still recommend that your children have regular eye tests as their eyes develop to monitor their vision and also their eye health.

Does my child have to have the eye exam?

Yes. Your child will require a valid prescription to qualify for the free glasses. This can come from an eye exam with one of our experienced optometrists or you may use an existing prescription from an external optometrist who has tested your child’s eyes.

What age can my child have an eye exam?

Our optometrists can help with an in-store eye exam for children of any age however, in some cases, your child may need to be referred to a specialist.

What is the warranty on the free glasses?

Standard 12 month manufacturing warranty that applies to all frames and lenses. This does not cover user damage.

The wisdom of a family membership

A family membership with National Pharmacies is a great way for all the family to receive more benefits, more often. In addition to free glasses for children under 12, there are also great benefits on skincare, fragrance and health items. And outside of the store, our memberships give you access to exclusive opportunities and offers like participating in the National Pharmacies Christmas Pageant.