Time to quit – Stop smoking for life

Time to quit – Stop smoking for life

It’s hard to imagine how cinemas and theatres were once a haze of cigarette smoke, aeroplane seats had ashtrays in the arms and a smoking table was only one step away from a ‘non-smoking’ table in a restaurant.

But for all this change in the world around us and education about the long-term effects, there are many who still find it hard to break the habit. Smoking is so often associated with social occasions, taking a ‘break’ at work or the end of the day and these psychological factors combined with the addictive ingredients in cigarettes, is a wicked combination.

Successfully quitting smoking is no mean feat, however there‘s lots of support and guidance available, and the staff at National Pharmacies are here to offer all of this and more.

We won’t make you feel guilty if you don’t succeed first (second, third or fourth) go.

We will help you start your quitting journey again, for as long as it takes.

We won’t tell you to just throw your cigarettes in the bin and quit.

We will give you tips, advice, products and resources that are proven to help.

We won’t be able to give you a magic pill to make you quit.

We will work with a pharmacist and other health advisers to help you manage the cravings.

We won’t forget to remind you that it takes time, support and probably a few attempts to kick the habit.

And finally we will be there for you, encouraging and celebrating with you at each milestone along the way.

So, if the beginning of the new year has you looking at the cigarette packet and wondering where to start, start with National Pharmacies.

As a member you’ll never pay full retail on nicotine replacement products – and our advice and support? Well, that’s free*.

(*unlike cigarettes which are burning a hole in your pocket).


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