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Trans-seasonal Skincare


Trans-seasonal Skincare

With a touch of sadness, we say good- bye to summer.
We love this time of year when our skin seems to glow.

With warmer weather, spending more time outdoors keeps us active and our natural desire to drink more water gives our skin a higher level of humidity. Our diet is full of light fresh foods easy to digest, and let’s not forget the abundance of beautiful fresh stone fruit, rich in Vitamin A. This helps build natural resilience to the sun, and keeps the free flow of oils on to the surface of our skin which is so important for maintaining the natural protective skin barrier. Healthy skin barrier, healthy skin. Added to this is the benefit of moderate sun exposure which evens out complexion and so during the warmer months, cell regeneration and repair is optimal.

With winter around the corner changes can occur in our skin as we move between cold outside temperatures to warm heated inside temperatures. We tend to be less active outdoors and so our desire to drink water is reduced, and we may choose heavier “comfort” foods that slow metabolism. Thicker clothing means our skin does not breathe as much, and less sunshine leads to less Vitamin D.

This balance between lifestyle and what we eat is reflected in the health of our skin, and so how does our skin care regime help?

To keep skin healthy all year it is important to understand that there are two essential elements: maintaining hydration and feeding your skin nutrient rich plant extracts. Hydration is fundamental for delivering nutrients to the cells which encourages cellular health. It also maintains the protective skin barrier, and keeps texture soft. Plant extracts deliver essential nutritional compounds that are readily absorbed, and these nutrients help the cells build your skins resilience. When working with whole plant extracts it means that the actives are capable of working synergistically to support the skin on a daily basis, improving its ability to regenerate and adapt to changing seasonal conditions. If we apply these trusted principles of nutrition by choosing nutrient rich skincare products, our skin will tolerate environmental changes.

Winter moisturisers do not need to be heavier if your skin is well hydrated and nourished. However, there are choices around variables to match how your skin feels daily in any weather. For example, you may choose to add a facial oil, or feeding mask to your routine if your skin feels like it needs more nourishment. Or you can choose to alternate a day lotion to use at night if the weather is more humid, or start your day with a more nourishing moisturiser. You will learn to recognise what your skin needs on a daily basis. However, your selection of key products in your daily routine should not need to change seasonally.

All Janesce skin care products have a high percentage of bio-active organic plant extracts, and our 2-step hydration ritual is an essential part of a healthy skin glow. Begin your day with the Janesce soaking ritual which delivers a deep level of hydration as the water-soluble plant actives draw water into the lower skin layers. Followed by Janesce Refresher mists that continue the layering of humidifying plant extracts and create a perfect base for the application of nutrient rich Janesce serums and moisturisers.