20/20 by 2020 starts here with free glasses for kids.
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Be a clown!

(or a fairy, or a penguin, or a spaceman, or a…) Over the last six months, since we announced the... read more

2020 by 2020 starts here with free glasses for kids

As part of a family membership we are now offering members’ children 12 years and under a FREE pair... read more

Flu Vaccination – To vaccinate or not?

A quick poll around your workplace or amongst friends will probably reveal that there are two very distinct groups... read more

The cold hard facts about the common cold.

It’s called the ‘common’ cold and accurately so. For something that is so common across the population, it is... read more

Wonder what happens when you place a prescription?

When you fill a script for an antibiotic to finally knock that infection on the head, it can be... read more

Time to quit – Stop smoking for life

It’s hard to imagine how cinemas and theatres were once a haze of cigarette smoke, aeroplane seats had ashtrays... read more

Getting ‘good’ sun

Remember how you feel on those rare, warm and sunny days that come as a pleasant surprise in the... read more

Protection for your eyes

UV radiation is always present. All year round, all day, in winter and summer, in sunny and even overcast... read more

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