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Your body needs cholesterol, but having high levels of cholesterol in your blood is a risk factor for heart disease.

Testing your cholesterol levels regularly can assist in the prevention of a heart attack, or help you manage your condition with medication.

Having your blood glucose levels tested can help to determine if you are at risk of diabetes.

In-store blood glucose testing is conducted in a private consulting room by one of our trained employees.

You should have your blood pressure checked regularly to determine if you have high, low or normal readings.

Get a blood pressure test today to assist with your long-term health.

Bowel cancer (or colorectal cancer) is the second largest cancer killer of Australians.

Screening is a simple and affective way to monitor and test for signs.
The tests are available in store and completed at your home.
Cost of postage to the pathology lab is included.

Your GP will receive a report and manage any actions required.


FREE service eligible to all customers.

All questions answered regarding the medication you are taking.

You will receive a 30-minute review consultation with one of our pharmacists, as well as a comprehensive summary report for you and your doctor.

Members save:

  • Up to 20% off non-subsidised PBS prescriptions and veterinary prescriptions
  • 10% off compounding prescriptions.

As a National Pharmacies member, you can hire equipment:

Step 1. Head in store and fill out a Hire Equipment Form

Step 2. Pay small Deposit

Step 3. Collect Equipment


  • Pre-Order your medication (NO WAITING).
  • Keep track of your scripts in one place.
  • Receive reminders to take your mediation, and
  • Manage your loved one’s medications.

Smart Medication List:

  • Automatic list of all your prescription medications, updated whenever you fill scripts.

Fill My Scripts:

  • Automatically reminds you when to fill your recurring scripts.

See- My Doctor

  • Reminders to visit the doctor to get new scripts after you use the final repeat for long-term medications

Take- My-Meds:

  • Reminds you when to take your medication each day.


  • Order prescriptions with a simple tap to have them dispensed in advance at your favourite pharmacy

Carer Mode

  • Manage the medication of other family members all from within your MedAdvisor account

Apple Iphone



National Pharmacies will ensure your unwanted medicines are disposed of in a safe, private and secure manner, at no charge to you.

Want to be more organised with your medication?

Dose Administration Aid (DAA): Is a tailored individual package of your medication.
The packs provide a safe, convenient and portable packaging solution for each medicine and dosage throughout the day.

Medication Disposal Service: FREE

Medication Packing Service:
There is a small weekly charge (members save 20%) for this service, but it is free to eligible veterans.

Health Conditions & Vaccinations


  • Obstructive Sleep Apnoea (OSA) is a sleeping disorder in which breathing is repeatedly interrupted during sleep.
  • Treated with: Continuous Positive Airway Pressure (CPAP) therapy, the treatment of choice for OSA.
  • Loud persistent snoring
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness
  • Choking or gasping for air during sleep
  • Morning headaches
  • Depression and irritability
  • Restlessness during sleep
  • Frequent night time visits to the bathroom
  • Sexual dysfunction
  • Dozing off while driving, reading or watching TV.

Step 1. Book in a sleep screening today

  • FREE one on one service.
  • Determine whether you need to conduct a sleep study with your doctor.

Step 2: Find Out More

Depending on your doctor’s recommendation, you may be referred to do a home or hospital sleep study.

Step 3: Meet with a National Pharmacies Sleep Consultant

Depending on your results, we will follow up with appropriate treatment options.

National Pharmacies Sleep was developed by CLM Sleep to bring you a personalised sleep apnoea Solution.

The team at CLM Sleep Co. consists of:

  • Pharmacists
  • Sleep Unit Managers
  • Sleep Scientists
  • Sleep Technicians
  • CPAP Consultants


Flu (influenza) is caused by a virus which is spread through the air by fluids produced when an infected person coughs or sneezes, or by direct contact with these fluids on surfaces or objects.

The flu virus is highly contagious and you usually experience symptoms 5 to 7 days after contact.

Flu symptoms are more severe and include high fever, muscular aches and pains, headache, coughing and sore throat.

South Australia Vaccinations

Victoria & New South Wales Vaccinations

National Pharmacies is providing a quadrivalent (4 strain) vaccine as part of their flu vaccination service.

South Australia Vaccinations

Victoria & New South Wales Vaccinations

No, a prescription is not required if you are having one of our qualified health professionals administer (inject) the vaccine to you in store.

South Australia Vaccinations

Victoria & New South Wales Vaccinations

Members Price: $13.99

Retail Price: $19.99

South Australia Vaccinations

Victoria & New South Wales Vaccinations

For adults aged 65 years and older, it is recommended that they receive the Fluad influenza vaccination over the standard vaccine.

Fluad protects against the same strains of influenza as the standard vaccine, however it contains an adjuvant which results in an enhanced immune response and thus better protection from the flu for this population.

Fluad is only available from your doctor in South Australia and may not be available until mid-April. Some doctors will suggest you be immunized at your local pharmacy so that you can be protected against the flu sooner.

Victorian pharmacies may be able to access Fluad through the NIP (National Immunisation Program) and it is best to contact your local store directly to enquire about this.

South Australia Vaccinations

Victoria & New South Wales Vaccinations

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National Diabetes Services Scheme


National Pharmacies offers FREE and subsidised NDSS products at selected stores, helping you manage your condition in the best way possible.

  • Must be diagnosed with diabetes
  • Hold or eligible to hold a Medicare card
  • Registered by a doctor or a credentialed diabetes educator


Pharmacists are able to issue these certificates in relation to minor ailments or conditions.

Cost: $24.00

Members: 20% Off

  • Leave certificates are available from all National Pharmacies stores.
  • Please contact your nearest National Pharmacies store for information about leave certificates.


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Developed in collaboration with CSIRO, the Impromy program focuses on improving health through weight loss and good nutrition.

It comprises nutritious and great tasting meal replacements along with high protein meals and ongoing support by trained pharmacy staff

Personalised meal plans

Nutritionally enhanced meal replacements

Snack Options

Regular one-on-one health review consultations

Weight Management

Blood pressure, cholesterol and Glucose level management by your Personal Impromy Consultant.

Step 1.

Book in Consult at your closest National Pharmacy

Step 2.

Purchase your nutritionally balanced meals from your closest National Pharmacy

Step 3. 

Use your personalized APP to stay on track.