Your child’s eyesight


With many parents spending more time with their kids in recent weeks – you may have noticed your child having trouble with reading small type for instance, or perhaps they strain to see something at a distance? Our 20/20 by 2020 campaign continues to supply free glasses for any member’s child who needs them, because we believe every child deserves the brightest outlook on life.

Zeiss Blue Light lenses


During these challenging times, many of us are now working from home, so not only are we constantly looking at our screens – be it phones, laptops or desktops, but with video conferencing becoming the norm and replacing face-to-face meetings, we’re spending even more time staring at our devices. Blue light is emitted from these electronic screens which can cause eye strain and fatigue. So talk to us about our quality Zeiss blue light lenses that can help filter the damaging blue light.

Work hard. Play hard.


Working from home means we still need to keep our body active. So if you’re exercising outdoors more than usual, perhaps riding your bike, it’s probably worth considering if your eyes are being protected from damaging UV rays. National Pharmacies Optical has a wide range of fashionable brands for active lifestyles like Bollé, Oakley and many more. 

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