Members benefit with $1 off PBS co-payment price at all National Pharmacies stores*

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Prescription Pricing

Compare our prescription prices.

A recent independent review found that our members benefit when purchasing 8 out of the top 10 prescription medicines in Australia from us. It’s no wonder we have 260,000 members – where every member is entitled to our commitment to competitive prescription pricing, regardless of where you live.

MedAdvisor app on iPhone


MedAdvisor connects to National Pharmacies to provide automatic details of your medication, scripts and repeats. You can pre-order your medication through the APP and avoid waiting times in-store.

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Members benefit

Members benefit with $1 off PBS co-payment price at all National Pharmacies Stores*

*Accepting the $1 co-payment discount may lead to deferment of an individual reaching the Safety Net, please speak to our Pharmacists.

Dose administration aids

Dose Administration Aids

Dose Administration Aids (DAA) are a tailored package of your medication providing a safe, convenient and portable packaging solution for each medicine and dosage throughout the day.

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MedsCheck Service

Medication reviews are provided to members who wish to understand more about their medication. As part of this service, you will receive a 30-minute consultation with one of our pharmacists, as well as a comprehensive summary report for you and your doctor. In addition to this service, there is also the option of extended counselling services for customers with Type 2 Diabetes. This allows you to spend 45 minutes with a pharmacist and is FREE for eligible customers.


Medication Disposal Service

Many medicine cupboards contain multiple medicines that are unwanted, unused, out of date, or unlabelled – all of which can be potentially hazardous. Medicines should never just be thrown away where they can contaminate land fill, waterways or end up in the wrong hands. To minimise harm to ourselves, others and the environment, dispose of your unwanted medications by taking them to your local National Pharmacies. We will ensure these medications are disposed of in a safe, private and secure manner – at no charge to you.

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Home Delivery Service

At National Pharmacies, we offer delivery of medicines and other pharmacy items direct to your home. We can also keep your prescriptions in the pharmacy to ensure a seamless process. Available at all National Pharmacies stores. Please contact your local store for further details.

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E-Prescriptions are now available at all National Pharmacies locations. Replacing the paper script, E-scripts are an easy way to keep your scripts all in one place while accessing them anytime and anywhere on your phone.

Your GP will send your prescription directly to you via SMS or email. Once received, simply present or send this QR code (‘token’), to your pharmacist to fill your script. You can feel confident that your personal details will remain safe within this secure and encrypted system setup by the Australian Government.

You will receive a separate token for each medication you are prescribed. For this reason, we recommend managing your scripts through the MedAdvisor APP. This allows you to easily manage your scripts (and repeats) as well as pre-order medication in advance.

Feel more comfortable with a paper script? Don’t worry, your GP can still provide you with a paper script which will still be accepted at all National Pharmacies locations.