Vision for Kids Program

Healthy eyesight in children isn’t a privilege; it’s a right. Every child deserves the opportunity to reach their full potential, yet 1 in 5 children are currently living with an undiagnosed eye condition.

Our pledge is to make sure that every child in South Australia gets their eyes checked. That’s our vision for kids. Giving free glasses to kids allows us to help those who need them, but getting kids tested is up to you.

Share our Vision for Kids, and help create a reality where every child gets to see the world just as magically as they imagine it.

Our Vision for Kids program is built upon our pledge to make sure that every child in South Australia gets their eyes checked. As part of our vision, we have been giving free glasses to our members’ kids since 2019. Since then, we’ve tested over 3,000 children and given away 1,800 free pairs of glasses, but we’re just getting started.

Our Kids Range

Not only are our kid’s glasses free, they’re not cheap either. Each pair of frames utilises the top-of-the-line ZEISS UVProtect lens, the highest level of protection your child can get from UV light. Coupled with our wide variety of snazzy styles, your child will be looking great and seeing great with our kids range.

The Mum Experiment

Children should be able to recognise their own mother from a distance, right? Unfortunately, 1 in 5 kids live with some kind of eye condition. We decided to run a real experiment using real mums and their kids to put this to the test. What we discovered on the day could be life changing for some.

View The Mum Experiment below.

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