About Us

At National Pharmacies, we’re all about people. To our valued members, to the communities we share. To the people we employ and those we partner with. We stand by our purpose.

Our brand story

Since opening our doors in 1911, our brand has reflected our role within the community.

We started life as the Friendly Societies Medical Association Limited or F.S.M.A

It was in 1942 that National Pharmacies first adorned our store fronts.

In our 70th year, in 1981, our first logo was designed to make us more easily identifiable.

In 1990 we removed the Chemist from the logo as the board believed the male figure was no longer in keeping with the diversity of our workforce.

In 1994 we refreshed the brand and introduced the synonymous blue and green of National Pharmacies.

In 2022, the time was right to refresh our brand to better reflect the business we are today.

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