Typhoid Vaccination

Typhoid is caused by two different types of salmonella bacteria. This is usually contracted while travelling overseas in countries with poor sanitation, poor hand hygiene, poor food handling standards and untreated drinking water.  

Signs & Symptoms of Typhoid

Symptoms of typhoid usually occur 8-14 days after infection and can be fatal if left untreated. These include:  

How is Typhoid disease diagnosed and treated? 

A blood or stool sample is taken and tested to confirm diagnosis of typhoid and is treated with antibiotics.  

How can I protect myself from Typhoid? 

Individuals travelling to countries where typhoid is common must take precautions to avoid the bacteria. These include:  

Vaccination is recommended for all individuals aged two years and older who are travelling to countries where typhoid is common.  

Who can get vaccinated at National Pharmacies?  

Individuals 5 years and over in New South Wales only. Must be funded privately. 

Typhoid Vaccination Pricing: Members from $68 per dose, Retail Price from $78.90 per dose.



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