Equipment Hire

Members have access to a selection of hire equipment at all National Pharmacies stores.

Woman using crutches

Whether you’re nursing your little bundle of joy or recovering from a short-term injury, as a National Pharmacies member you can hire the equipment you need from National Pharmacies.

Our selection of hire equipment includes Breast Pumps, Nebulisers, and Crutches.

Before you come in-store, we recommend calling your nearest National Pharmacies to ensure the equipment is available. If available, simply head in-store to fill out a hire equipment form and pay a small deposit before taking the equipment home.

As a member, you can take advantage of this added benefit by paying a very nominal deposit.

Breast Pump Hire

National Pharmacies stock Amēda Breast Pumps, as recommended by the Women’s and Children’s Hospital, for hire. Available for members only $100 deposit + $20 per week payment* For more information, contact your local National Pharmacies store.

*Hygiene kit purchase is required.

For more information on the Amēda Breast Pump click here.