Elastoplast Sport Mouthguard Youth Clear


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Protects kids’ mouths, teeth and jaw.

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Protects kids’ mouths, teeth and jaw.

    Product Description:

    Elastoplast Youth Mouthguards are used to prevent concussion and injuries to the mouth and jaw when participating in contact sport such as boxing, football, MMA (mixed martial arts) or basketball.

    The Elastoplast Youth Mouthguard is a ‘boil and bite’ product. It uses thermoplastic (BPA and latex free) that moulds to the shape of your child’s teeth and jaw. A snug, custom fit is important to provide maximum protection against dental damage.


    It is recommended that after each use the Elastoplast Sports Mouthguard be washed in a mild antiseptic, then rinsed in clean water under a tap and dry thoroughly before replacing in your personal mouthguard container.

    Always read the label. Use only as directed. If symptoms persist consult your healthcare professional.