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Ask Our Experts

National Pharmacies Naturopath, Craig Wainwright, shares his advice for keeping on the go as we age.

What are the most common mobility concerns that you see in your patients?
I deal with a lot of osteoarthritis and general stiffness, pain and inflammation; whether it is knees or lower back. Also, a lot of injury recovery, from sports injuries to broken bones and falls.

How can a Naturopath assist with mobility concerns?
In assessments with people I will often make referrals to other allied health specialists. I am here to help, advise or advocate for people. One thing I try and do is be aware of other options. For people with mobility concerns or injuries, I am an advocate for people trying ultrasound therapy (devices for which you can purchase at National Pharmacies). Sometimes I also recommend laser therapy or hot and cold therapy. I try and be broad so that in a way you give people other options.

Do you think diet is also important?
Yes, it is massively important. Diet is such a big determination of generalised overall inflammation. The amount of clients who are sore, stiff achy, and often it is just because of high processed food diets, high carbohydrate, processed fats or too much sugar. People don’t realise how much difference this can make, and there are also many things you can include in diet that can reduce this, as well as supplements. Lots of people get diagnosed with osteoarthritis or are stiff and achy because of a very poor diet.

What are some preventative ways to stay active and keep mobile?
Be active! Especially older people. We need to be as active as we can with daily tasks, because once you stop being active, the older we are, the harder it gets, and the more immobile we become. So, use it or lose it. That applies to all of us.

Craig Wainwright is a Naturopath at National Pharmacies Glenelg. Craig is both a qualified Naturopath and Pharmacist practising Naturopathy since 2007. Craig became a pharmacist in 1989 and his passion for helping people with their health quickly developed into an interest in complementary medicine and a strong focus on healing the person, not just the disease.

The information provided here should not be used in lieu of speaking with a healthcare professional. If you’re experiencing symptoms visit your GP or local National Pharmacies Pharmacist or Naturopath.