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Choosing the right frames for you

Choosing the right frames for you

Choosing the right glasses can be a daunting task. We’re often told that certain face shapes suit certain frames, but did you know that it’s more than just the shape of your face that plays a role in finding the right look for you?

Face shapes are typically categorised into oval, round, square, heart-shaped and triangle, and it’s well known that certain frame styles suit certain face shapes.

Below we have outlined the most flattering frame styles for each face shape.

Triangle: If you have an triangle shaped face, with a narrower forehead, widening down towards the jawline, then look for frames that are wider at the temple, like cat eye or club master styles.

Oval: If you have a narrow forehead, slightly narrow chin, curving jawline and high cheekbones, you most likely have an oval shaped face. The most flattering frame shapes for oval faces are square, rectangular, round and aviator styles. However, most styles will suit an oval face.

Round: If you have a round face with fuller cheeks, a wide forehead and rounded chin, look for glasses that add angular structure, such as rectangular, wayfarer and square frames.

Heart: High cheekbones, a broad forehead and narrower jawline and chin are characteristics of a heart shaped face. Softer styles that are balanced at the top and bottom suit heart shaped faces, as they will help to minimise the width in the top part of your face.

Square: A square face is characterised by a wide forehead, strong jawline and squared chin. To complement the angular lines of a square shape, opt for frames that soften these features like round, oval or cat eye.

It’s not only your face shape that should be considered when selecting the right frames for you. A frame style should enhance your unique characteristics by balancing out strong features and complementing soft features.

Strong broad features can be offset with rounder styles to soften the overall shape of your face, while rounded features and/or rounded fuller faces will be best complemented by angular frames with strong lines.

The overall size of the frame is equally as important; a frame that is too narrow for your face will create a perception of a wider face, and a frame that is too rectangular and wide will accentuate an elongated face.

The more specific features of an individual, such as eyebrows and nose, should also be considered when selecting frame styles.

A rounded eyebrow should be complemented with a frame with a softer curved top, while a straight eyebrow would be balanced with a flatter topped frame. A good rule of thumb is to find a frame with a similar curve as your eyebrow, as this creates a balanced natural look.

Central and prominent to your face is your nose; your frame style should avoid placing great emphasis on the size or shape of your nose. If you have a broad nose, steer clear of frames with a thick chunky bridge between the lenses, as this will draw attention your nose. If you have a narrow nose, avoid frames with a fine slender bridge, as these will emphasise the spacing between your eyes.

There is a lot to consider when selecting your new frames. Our team of Optical Dispensers are experts in style and helping you to find the perfect pair that will look great, feel great and fit great. Speak with our friendly team at your local Optical by National Pharmacies store to find the right frames for you.

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