Braun Thermoscan Lens Filters 40 Lf40

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Product Description

Braun is the leading brand in IR Ear Thermometer technology, a trusted name instantly recognised
by the vast majority of Australian households. Braun healthcare products feature sophisticated German
engineering and the highest quality control, making them the No.1 choice for discerning families.

Additional Information

Warning Precautions

Warning: If fever or complaints persist,
consult your doctor.

Instructions For Use

1. To achieve accurate readings, make sure a
new, clean lens filter is in place before each
2. Push the start button. Wait for the ready signal
beep and the ready symbol in the display
3. Fit the probe snugly into the ear canal, then
push the start button
4. If the probe has been positioned securely into
the ear canal, a long beep will signal the end
of the measuring process. Remove the
thermometer and read the result on the display.
If not, the thermometer will indicate the
problem on the display consult the
instruction manual for more detail.

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